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How does Get Satisfaction work?
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How does Get Satisfaction work?

Get Satisfaction focuses on outcomes in order to create value for both company and customer. As opposed to the confusing and ineffective taxonomy of traditional forums, we focus conversations around four simple, outcome-oriented topic types. This helps keep conversations focused and productive.

Ask a Question

Quickly connect customers with each other, the company, and with the answers they seek. Companies and customers working together create a real-time, social knowledgebase that significantly reduces repetitive support requests and increases customer satisfaction.

Share an Idea

More than a simple suggestion box or voting app, Get Satisfaction acts as a Focus Group 2.0 in that it aggregates feedback in a way that encourages conversation among customers.

Report a Problem

Something isn’t working properly? This topic type allows customers to quickly search the community for solutions, and also gives the company real-time insight into potential product issues and defects.

Give Praise

You love your customers. Why not give them a place to love you back?

We’re Everywhere Your Customers Are (but not in a creepy way)

Get Satisfaction helps companies participate in the increasingly distributed and disconnected conversations taking place across the social web today. Our platform unifies conversations across multiple touchpoints; whether they’re happening on your site, on Facebook, Twitter, or on your corporate blog.

We Play Nice with Others

No app is an island. That’s why we integrate with the systems your company already uses. Whether it’s CRM, Helpdesk, or Social Media Tools, our growing list of partner integrations gives you an easy way to connect community to your systems of record. For the DIY minded, we have an open API that let’s you access all public information.