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What is Get Satisfaction?
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Why Get Satisfaction?

Because you love your customers. And because you love lower costs and better customers relationships that lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Reduce Support Costs

Working together with your customers to build a dynamic, social knowledgebase helps customers find answers to their questions on their own time, and often times much faster through traditional support channels Every answer is publicly archived and searchable, so there’s never a need to answer the same question twice. This results in a dramatic reduction in the cost of service delivery while greatly improving customer satisfaction at the same time.

Drive Product Innovation

Discussions inside of Get Satisfaction are full of opinions, wishes and wants. Opening a community conversation about your latest campaign or product launch helps you gather valuable market data you can quickly fold into your product marketing cycle, communications strategy or program schedule.

Increase Traffic to Your Website, Fan Page, or Blog.

Opening an online community and inviting discussion about your brand, service, or organization deepens user engagement and increases the amount of user generated content (UGC) uploaded to your site—a strong driver of search engine optimization.

Build Better Relationships with Customers. Convert More Prospects.

Businesses and organizations that interact with their customers and constituents through open, transparent communities report significant increases in satisfaction and loyalty. Community is also a great way to give prospective customers a peek behind the curtain of how your company treats customers.

Battle Robots.

You know, the robots that are designed to destroy customer relationships, not embrace them. Robots love to trap customers with phone trees, long hold times, and confusing websites. They give customer service lip service, and make sure that social media is anti-social. Robots have no heart. They’re not capable of love. We battle one in particular, maybe you’ve met him.