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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

We are looking for an experienced software engineer with a strong background in Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript to help improve and extend a web application that supports heavy traffic and is already fairly complex. Like everyone else on our team, you should be a great generalist, eager to learn new things and use the best tools for the job. You'll be working on a large-scale application used by millions of people, so an aptitude for developing elegant, scalable, robust, and maintainable code is a must.

We are an agile shop. We pair program, test-drive all code, and work at a sustainable pace. Our schedule lives in Pivotal Tracker and is as accurate as possible. We hold regular retrospectives to improve our development process. We're looking for engineers who are excited to engage in this style of work.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Extend and refine our web application using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JavaScript, and other technologies
  • Optimize and scale our system to support millions of users
  • Refactor our code base to incrementally improve its design
  • Develop all code test-first using RSpec, Cucumber, and RR

Required Qualities:

  • Ability to try and do new things to solve interesting problems
  • Willingness to improve your skills and get outside of your comfort zone in order to improve the product
  • Ability to work well in small design groups and contribute to the direction of the product and technology
  • Willingness to critically analyze code to find its strengths and weaknesses
  • Commitment to continually improving the team's development process

Desired skills:

  • Experience with pair programming
  • Experience with test-driven development (particularly TDD in JavaScript and BDD using Cucumber)
  • Accurate schedule estimation
  • Experience deploying and launching real-world applications

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