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  • Mint


    Intuit's Mint puts conversation on the front lines.

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  • Microsoft


    The Hohm team implements self-service support and a dynamic knowledgebase.

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  • Mogo


    Canadian lender succeeds at payday lending with transparency.

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  • Springpad


    Springpad reduces incoming email tickets by 80%.

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  • Tango


    Tango scales support to millions of customers with just one community manager.

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  • Cookstr


    Cookstr saves time and money with an enthusiastic customer community.

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  • Yola


    Yola makes support social and reduces help ticket volume by 70%.

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  • Trinet


    TriNet completely transformed their customer support experience in under 90 days.

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  • Mobile17


    Mobile start-up scales to million of users with an integrated support community.

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    SCVNGR's customers help each other problem solve using social support community.

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    Customers help developers at fix bugs within minutes.

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  • Kiddiecare


    Online retailer Kiddicare increases first call resolution by 38%.

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    OMGPOP reduces daily support requests by 80% with a customer community.

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  • grows customer base 20x without adding more support staff.

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  • Postit Science

    Postit Science

    Posit Science's customer community helps decrease support tickets by 30%.

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