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Turn facebook “likes”
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Facebook is quickly becoming your company's other home page. Customers come to your fan page to connect with your brand and with other customers. Are you ready?

Companies of all sizes, from P&G to Eventbrite, use Get Satisfaction for Facebook to drive better business results through their fan page. Here's why:

  • Reduce Support Costs, Increase Customer Bliss
    Your customers are on Facebook and expect you to be there as well. Get Satisfaction for Facebook allows you to extend your community to the fan page creating a unified customer experience and reducing the number of inbound support requests. Your customers and support personnel will love you.
  • Identify Brand Champions
    Giving your most passionate fans a place to meet allows you to identify brand advocates and creates unprecedented word-of-mouth marketing opportunities. Increase consumer sentiment, decrease customer acquisition costs, and work with your customers to spread the word.
  • Fan Driven Innovation
    Get Satisfaction for Facebook is a powerful customer feedback tool and allows companies to take an outside/in approach to product development, beta launches, and ideation. Build products that your customers actually want and will use. What's not to love?