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Price $0 $19 or $39 $89 $289 Custom
Number of moderators 0 1 to 3 5 20 Unlimited
Moderation Tools          
Topics: Share, update, merge, archive, redirect, move, remove or import to ZenDesk  
Replies: Remove, restore, promote to / demote from official Answer  
Tags: Remove tag associations from a topic  
Products: Remove product associations from a topic
Company updates: Create, edit, remove  
Champions: Assign and remove  
Management view of topics
Control of Your Community Space & Branding          
Manage company details: Basic information, logos & badges, participation settings, support links, overheard settings
Manage products: Add, delete, edit
Domain aliasing    
Lite branding via customization    
White label customization        
Log in & Sign Up for Your Community          
Ability to set login options (Facebook, Google, etc.)  
Single sign on via Fastpass    
Basic widgets: Feedback tab, feedback page, search, & topic list
Premium widgets: Category & product-specific widgets    
Integration Options (extra fees may apply)          
Zendesk integration  
Facebook integration  
Pivotal integration  
Salesforce integration      
Twitter integration
Parature integration      
CRM integration via customer record linking      
Commercial API access      
From the Get Satisfaction community
Email support      
Account management        
Team Management          
Add/remove employee and champion moderators  
Auto-add users within employee domain
Employee-only community access      
Community stats  
Private tags (User defined codes)      
SSL support    
Enterprise level SLA        
Education and training services