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Facebook Support

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How many moderators do you need?

Moderators are the community managers who engage with your community

Domain Aliasing

Link your community to your website with your unique domain name

Community Customization

Select the level of visual customization you want for your community


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Private Communities

Set up a community with controlled access to a defined group

Single Sign-on with FastPass

Integrate with your existing identity system using FastPass


Dig deep with options ranging from simple stats to complete analytics

SSL Support

Secure your community with industry standard encryption

Support Level

Find a support tier that meets your needs

Commercial API

Build your own apps that connect to your community

  1. Enterprise

    Rich brand experiences & full customization

    Price on Request

    • Full visual customization
    • In-depth business reporting
    • Integration support
    • Education & Training
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Dedicated Account Management
    • Full Enterprise Plan Details
  2. Integrate

    $289 per month

    Integrate co- mmunity into your business processes

  3. Connect

    $99 per month

    For adding a seamless community to your website

    • Now Facebook Enabled!
    • Custom domain name
    • Basic visual customization
    • Single sign-on
    • Configurable widgets
    • 5 moderators
    • Full Plan Details
  4. Grow

    $49 per month

    Plan description goes here.

    • Now Facebook Enabled!
    • Supports team of community managers
    • Add support tab to Facebook
    • Full Plan Details
  5. Start

    $19 per month

    For small businesses getting started with community

    • Topic moderation tools
    • Statistic dashboard
    • Customer champions
    • Embeddable widgets
    • 1-3 moderators
    • Full Plan Details