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A little bit about us

Get Satisfaction was born out of Valleyschwag, a lark of an idea for distributing grab bags of leftover promotional goodies.

While initially designed to be a fun and frivolous side project, a surprising number of people signed up for the service, and the proprietors found themselves awash in thousands of customer-service requests. To their amazement, they weren't able to find a suitable, inexpensive, online tool to host their community of customers. So they built one.

The friendly online environment they created encouraged people to answer each others' questions, pitch in to help solve problems, and share all kinds of new ideas about how to improve their product and processes.

A few facts about Get Satisfaction

California 40,000

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Visitors Per Month

Our customers range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies including:

  • zappos
  • microsoft
  • bt
  • pg
  • mint
  • foursquare

Our Board

  • wendy
    Wendy Lea
    President, CEO
    Get Satisfaction
  • thor
    Thor Muller
    Co-Founder, CFO
    Get Satisfaction
  • bryce
    Bryce Roberts
    Managing Director
    O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures
  • cameron
    Cameron Lester
    General Partner
    Azure Capital Partners